Sex, Violence, and Antiquity

August 4, 2013. Since I am a writer, I will entertain everyone with an age-old tale:200px-Herbert_Schmalz-Zenobia

Once upon a time there was a great king who had a very beautiful wife. In fact, the king was so proud of his wife’s beauty that he was fond of bragging to his chief bodyguard about her perfect figure. The chief bodyguard would say something like, “Yes, sire. I’m sure that the queen is perfect,” and let it go at that.

But this was not good enough for the king who finally one day said to the chief bodyguard, “No, the queen is so beautiful that I want you to see her, so that you may appreciate the perfection I am describing.”

“This is not necessary, sire,” the chief bodyguard said. “Let me assure you.”

“Yes, but it is,” the king insisted. “So, tonight when the queen comes to visit me in my chambers, I want you to be there. Stand behind the door. She will remove her clothing and you will see her perfection by the light of the moon.”

The chief bodyguard demurred, but the king insisted, and so the arrangements were made.

That night the trusted bodyguard was behind the door when the queen entered. He watched her remove her clothing and climb into the king’s bed, and then he belly dancer

The next morning, however, he was summoned to the queen’s chambers where he found her surrounded by her armored guard. With little preliminary she informed him that she had seen him leave the king’s chambers on the previous night and immediately understood that he was there at the king’s beckoning. “As you know, it is against the law of this land that you should see my body naked,” she informed him. “Not even the king is above that law. You understand that, don’t you?” she asked.

“Yes, my queen.”

“Consequently, I will give you a choice,” the queen said. “Either you kill the king and marry me and we will rule this kingdom together, or I will have you executed right here on the spot by my guards. I wish for you to decide immediately. I await your decision.”

The bodyguard, feeling he had little choice, agreed to kill the king. He carried out his promise, and shortly thereafter married the queen, and the two of them ruled the kingdom for many years thereafter, considered ideal rulers by their subjects.

This story can be found in Herodotus–a wonderful example of how intrigue, sex, and violence has always been with



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