Master of Perversion: the Marquis de Sade

Marquis de Sade practiced what he preached. However, if he had been as manifestly evil as his books, he would never have reached the ripe old age of 74. This promoter of the sexual macabre spent 32 years of his … Continue reading

The Association of Writers and Writing Program’s Confence, Seattle, 2014 — a Perspective. Part Two.

To continue from Part one: Friday eveningĀ  (February 28) I attended the slam poetry competition. I enjoy this event every year because the participants are always young, unbridled, aggressive, and in-your-face. No subject seems off limits, but sex and race … Continue reading

The Association of Writers and Writing Program’s Conference, Seattle, 2014 — a Perspective. Part One.

Seattle in the winter is supposed to be cold and drizzly. It did not disappoint. During the five days of the AWP conference from February 26 until March 2, there was one sunny day. And then the northeast got snowed … Continue reading

The Macho World of Jack London

If you’re looking for a man’s man who is also a writer, the name that should appear before you is Jack London. He crammed a lifetime of activities into his abbreviated life, and died probably declaring that he hadn’t missed … Continue reading

The Genius of Jorge Borges

When Jorge BorgesĀ  walked into a room, a reverential hush invariably fell over the area. It is not known if Borges (who was blind) knew that he was practically worshiped by all and sundry during the latter part of his … Continue reading